Dorothée Selz

Born in 1946 in Paris
Lives and works in Paris

Dorothée Selz is a sculptor and a painter.

She creates edible, ephemeral sculptures which people can really eat.
She conceives her sculptures according to
. the architectural context – museums, galleries, and other places –
. the event to celebrate
. the number of guests.

Her edible offerings are imagined so as to interweave: visual concept, taste and humor.

The work comes to life in a festive way thanks to the active participation of the public who can “taste what it sees”.
The idea is that this ephemeral art lives on in memories. She is close to the experimental spirit of the Eat Art, created by Daniel Spoerri.

In parallel, Dorothée Selz paints using popular images as a starting point.
The idea is to bring new life to pictures considered “commonplace”. Through the use of very graphic and dynamic paintings, she draw attention to the humor, the unusual or the absurd of a poetic imagery bound to be forgotten.

Since the 1970s, she exhibits regulary in France and abroad.

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