© Courtesy Musac, D.Selz

Tráfico de Arte. Galería, ciudad y periferia
Tráfico de Arte.Gallery, City and Outskirts

MUSAC, Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla and León, Spain

Manuel Olveira, director of MUSAC (June 2013 - May 2021 )

October 31th 2020 - June 13th 2021

Jesús Palmero, curator and catalog publishing director, art degree from the university of Madrid, artist, curator ( for example at MUSAC in 2015, 2017, 2020 ), since 2015 creation with Cristina Pimentel of Marciano Sonoro Editions ( literature, music-books, children’ albums )

Tribute to an experimental gallery Tráfico de Arte ( Art Trafficking), his manager Carlos de la Varga, and his partner Javier Hernando, art teacher and art critic. From 1990 to 2007, intense activity of exhibitions, performances, debates, Land Art creations in the gallery, the city and outskirts. Spanish and foreign artists were invited. The gallery became an innovative art scene.

1993,  Dorothée Selz was invited : exhibition of paintings Gouffé Series and installation of Eat Art edible sculpture.

2020, D.Selz installation at MUSAC :
Mur comestible réactivé 1993-2020
Évocation d’un état d’esprit : Tráfico de Arte
Reenactment : edible wall 1993-2020. Evocation : the spirit of Tráfico de Arte

Built the same wall as in 1993, covered with red icing sugar, 1300 handwritten words on red paper sticked, source of words : poetic and theoretical texts from publications by Tráfico de Arte Gallery.

100 copies of the catalogue published in April 2022 have an insert of the work of Dorothée Selz, created for the exhibition : handwritten words on red paper.

Warm thanks : Alejandro Saénz de Miera – artist, setting up D.Selz’ s installation, Jesús Palmero, Carlos Ordás and MUSAC team

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