Galerie Love&Collect

Loeve&Co’s virtual gallery

PARIS 2021


In March 2020 the virtual gallery Love&Collect was created when the global pandemic forced galleries and all cultural places to close. Stéphane Corréard and Hervé Loevenbruck, the Loeve&Co directors, have offered a very special online information.
Love&Collect is both a proposal for works for sale online every day (monday to friday) but each work is a piece of art history. Every day  texts from Stéphane Corréard with extracts from other texts by art historians, art critics, poets, present in a very documented way a work and its context. We learn a lot of things about the artist, his career, his life, his working techniques.
We travel around the world in an illustrated art history, with academic references and unexpected anecdotes. It is about informing, making artistic life alive and touching. The idea is to sell online, to interest existing or future collectors. Not everyone can buy, but every one can be interested in informations about art, in the complex lives of those who create : there are a lot of artists words, artists testimonials.The most varied artistic movements are represented by works of very diverse artists.