Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre - Paris

March 3rd - April 30th 2022

« Des femmes dans l’art - Hommage à Aline Dallier »

(Women in visual art - A tribute to Aline Dallier)

« The Arnaud Lefebvre Gallery is pleased to present this exhibition  in honor of Aline Dallier (1927-2020), the first and only feminist art critic in France in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The exhibition brings together a selection of works by twenty-seven artists, all of whom Aline Dallier wrote about in her many articles or with whom she was friends.

Having specialized in textile art, she argued that by subverting the use of traditional textile techniques (sewing, knitting, embroidery), women were in fact making a feminist statement about their status as both women and artists. She was nevertheless highly receptive to the multiple forms of expression in contemporary art and paid close critical attention to what she called « theoretical eclecticism ».

Among the many works on view in this exhibit there are of course textile pieces, but also paintings, drawings, collages, photographs and filmed performances. Several works call forth women’s life experience and motherhood, while others express women’s reappropriation of the female body and sexuality.
Other works harshly or humorously critique the idealized image of the female body and women’s exclusion from patriarchal institutions. While some works in the show aren’t directly inspired by feminism, all can be situated within the many directions of contemporary art, from conceptual practices to the « materiological » exploration of painting.
« Art can’t only be a playing field for intellectual and political discourse, said   Aline Dallier. For me, it must also be about perception and lead to profound aesthetic enjoyment ».

Text by Diana Quinby

Diana Quinby, born in New York in 1967, has been living and working in Paris since 1993. She is a graphic media artist and printmaker. She is also a curator and art historian. In 2003 she completed a doctoral thesis at the University of Paris-1 Sorbonne on art and feminism in Paris in the 1970’s.

Artists : Thérèse Ampe-Jonas, Claude Bauret Allard, Danièle Blanchelande, Bernadette Bour, Charlotte Calmis, Liliane Camier, Christiane de Casteras, Colette Deblé, Françoise Eliet, Esther Ferrer, Monique Frydman, Aline Gagnaire, Hessie, Sara Holt, Françoise Janicot, Monique Kissel, Maria Klonaris et Katerina Thomadaki, Marie-Rose Lortet, Léa Lublin, Milvia Maglione, Cristina Martinez, Vera Molnar, ORLAN, Aline Ribière, Dorothée Selz, Nancy Wilson-Pajic, Nil Yalter.

The gallery showed videos of performances by artists from this exhibition and organized meetings around the exhibited works : links on the gallery’s website:

Mimétisme relatif, femme panthère réactivée, 1973-2021
Relative mimicry, reenacted panther woman 1973-2021)

Triptych, photographic print on Fine Art paper (5 copies)
30 x 105 cm / 11,8 x  41,3 inch.
©Dorothée Selz ©Tony Querrec, photo # 3, 2021

Mimétisme relatif, femme panthère, 1973
(Relative mimicry, panther woman, 1973)

Photographic print from a popular calendar. Dorothée Selz poses as the model then draw on the print the panther skin on herself and add a frame in cement and acrylic paint, imitating a pastry. The idea is that a calendar girl, a pin-up girl is consumable, edible. The original diptych is © collections MACBA, Barcelona

Mimétisme relatif, femme panthère, 2021
(Relative mimicry, panther woman, 2021)

Description of the current work, photograph added  # 3, 2021
Shooting by photographer Tony Querrec of Dorothée Selz holding the 1973 diptych in her hand then D.Selz draws the panther skin, the landscape and the frame on the print. The idea is to create a triptych with a reenacted panther woman