Le goût de l’éphémère
(The taste of the ephemeral)

PARIS 2022


DEBATE « PAPILLES ET PUPILLES, quand la cuisine rencontre l’art» When cooking meets art

Le goût de l’éphémère
March 31th 2022
Concept and realization, Dorothée Selz
Sophie Druet, Olivier Boutinot, Traiteur La Mana

3 sculptures as offerings for the guests, covered with savory and sweet edibles, and words written on rice paper with edible inks.
Words evoking taste, all the senses, colors, the ephemeral…
Video Edible sculptures, 1967 to 2021, with all the names of the chefs, bakers, hotel schools who have worked with D.Selz.

Debate conceived and moderated by Stéphane Corréard,* art critic, director of the art fair Galeristes, Paris

Speakers invited :
Emeline Aubry, chef
Mireille Blanc, painter
Nicolas Bourriaud, writer, curator
Jean-Paul Branlard, expert in private law and food law
Benoît Peeters, writer, ex-chef at home 

Thanks :
Marie-Anne Ferry-Fall, general manager of ADAGP- Paris and the team : Francine Guillou, press & communication manager, Nevena Pierre, Caroline Chatelain
Sophie Druet and Olivier Boutinot, Traiteur / Catering La Mana
Patricia Gauduchon, D.Selz ’s technician
M.Friaa, bakery Au Vieux Moulin, Paris
Mohamed, baker and Azedine, pastry chef

*ADAGP – since 1953 – is a French society of management of copyright in the visual arts. Activities: painting, sculpture, drawing, graphic design, illustration, product design, photography, architecture.
General Manager : Marie-Anne Ferry-Fall
Legal form: civil society
Headquarters: Paris

* Hervé Loevenbruck and Stéphane Corréard are co-directors of Galerie Loeve&Co, Paris

Technical information

Material :
3 sculptures height 90 cm / 35,4 inch.
Styrofoam, icing sugar, colored breads, food creations, rice paper and edible inks

© photos Caroline Chatelain, Bo Dongbo Guo, Francine Guillou  

©ADAGP_Paris_Débat #6