Juan Naranjo Gallery of Art & Documents


Dorothée Selz, Edible Sculptures 1967-2021

Barcelona, June 17th – September 5th

Juan Naranjo, director of the gallery
Juli Álvarez, baker & manager of the bakery Forn La Llibreria / Oven, The Bookstore, Barcelona

The exhibition:
The exhibition is focuses on the works in which Dorothée Selz has used food. It begins with a series of works that she did together with Antoni Miralda under the name of  Miralda-Selz Traiteurs coloristes (from 1967 to1973). On her own, she remained interested in the ephemeral and participating art. « The ensemble comes to life in a festive way thanks to the active participation of the public who can savor what they see » said D.Selz. She has frequently created edibles sculptures which are offerings.Those sculptures / installations prioritize the ephemeral and the temporary, which are celebrated in a playful environment, inviting the participant to use different senses such as taste, touch and smell.

The exhibition presents the edition produced by Juan Naranjo Gallery : a set of 16 photographic prints with its plexiglas box. A print of 10 numbered and signed copies + 5 special editions.

For the opening, Dorothée Selz made a series of colored breads, with the talented complicity of the baker Juli Álvarez. This work is a reactivation / a reenactment of the first edible experiences from the 1970s. For this project, Dorothée Selz  wrote dozens of words with edible ink on edible paper.These words were sticked on the fresh breads, as edible offerings for the guests. The idea is to taste words, to share the flavors of excellent fresh bread, to savor ideas of all kinds  and moments to invent.

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For ten years this gallery director has created these editions of artists’ documents, which he exhibits in his gallery, as well as in international art fairs. He shows the visual backstage of works in progress, the details, the installation.  He likes to present the scores of a composer, the sketches of painters and sculptors, materials and shapes of designers or architects. With his editions, he likes to show a new vision of a creation, of a work.

Juan Naranjo Gallery

Dorothée Selz & Vicenç Altaió

Forn La Llibreria

Juli Álvarez :  www.facebook.com/fornlalibreria
Initially he is a computer scientist, then he became passionate about bread. He learns the secrets of making, of flour, gestures, flavors of bread and also pastry. He became a talented and inspired baker and pastry chef.

In 2020, he won the prize for the best Creative Coca : a coca is a special Catalan popular cake made for San Juan (Saint’ John’s Day). His bakery in Barcelona is an old bookstore. He keeps a large wall dedicated to books of literature and poetry. He bakery is called Forn la Llibreria / Oven The Bookstore.

Juli Álvarez

Technical information

Edition of 10 copies, numbered and signed by the artist, from 1/10 to 10/10 and 5 special editions /  5 copies Hors Commerce 

Edition on Velin KFK Rives paper 300 grams

Format / size   each print  21 x 29,7 cm / 8,2 x 11,6 in.

Format / size   plexiglas box   33 x 23 x 06 cm / 12,9 x 9,05 x 2,3 in.

© Photos Galería Juan Naranjo, Vicenç Altaió, D. Selz, D.R.
© Photos Juli Álvarez, Forn La Llibreria