Museo del Barro


Flying buttresses for a museum
(an imaginary sentimental exchange)

Museo del Barro
August 2nd – September 1st 2012

Museo del Barro :  
Contemporary art and Paraguayan popular art museum – Created 25 years
ago by artists, writers and intellectuals who wished to preserve the wealth
and diversity of their country’s indigenous art, and exhibit South American,
European and other contemporary arts…

Ticio Escobar
Narda Leonardini

Starting point:
Invited by Nathalie Lacoste-Yebra, head of Asuncion’s French Alliance, and picked at the Museo del Barro (head Osvaldo Salerno), Dorothée Selz discovers the beautiful indigenous collections of the museum, as well as a local ritual called the Kusurú Yéguá.

Kurusú Yeguá :  
Decorated cross, Guarani ritual in homage to a deceased family member or friend / altar dressed with foliage on which are suspended “chipas” (corn galettes), peanut necklaces, crosses / rite to evoke the spirit of the deceased, cause good harvests, offer “ritual food” as a social act of sharing.

Project : 
Pay a tribute to Guy Selz (Paris, 1901-1976) D. Selz’s father, and to his South American and South European popular art. Imagine a sentimental exchange between this collection and the one from the Museo del Barro. Imagine an “artistic support” to the passion which drives those collectors
and their museum(s), real or imaginary. Present the painted works and edible sculptures of D. Selz as the artist’s sentimental museum. Make traditional “chipas” with craftsmen from Asunción, adding color to them.  

Nathalie Lacoste-Yebra
Osvaldo Salerno
Ticio Escobar, text in the catalog
Celeste Prieto, catalog’s graphic designer
La fabrique de chipas Chiperia Hijas de Feliciana de Fariña
Technical teams from the Museo del Barro and the French Embassy
Alexis Yebra
Régis Glaas
Production / Organization:
Alliance française d’Asunción
Ambassade de France au Paraguay
Museo del Barro

Ticio Escobar
Narda Leonardini

Technical information

· 400 photographs of D.Selz’s works and of the Guy Selz and the Museo del Barro collections
· 2 000 colored chipas
· foliages

Photos © D.S., Javier Medina, Jordi Puig (Guy Selz collections)